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April 24th 2023

DISG Activity Report to 2022 and Initiatives for 2023 vol. 3
DISG Introduction of Ongoing Projects



In a series of three articles, we will once again post articles to let everyone know about DISG's activities. This is the third article in this series.

・DISG Activity Report and Future Initiatives  Contents of 3 issues

  • Part 1 Purpose and Achievements of DISG Activities
  • Part 2 ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision and DISG Activity Policy
  • Part 3 Introduction of Ongoing ASEAN-Japan Related Projects

In this third issue, we will focus on the ongoing Japan-Singapore Fast Track Pitch and Fast Track Pitch in Bangkok (Thailand) to provide you with content that will help you understand our vision and initiatives in an easier-to-understand manner.

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Table of Contents

  • Projects in which DISG is involved
  • Japan- Singapore Fast Track Pitch
  • Fast Track Pitch in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Fast Track Pitch - Advantages for Large Corporations and Startups
  • Summary

Projects in which DISG is involved

DISG is strengthening cooperation between ASEAN and Japan based on the ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision. DISG aims to enhance the industrial competitiveness of the entire region through "innovation," address socio-economic challenges, and achieve sustainable economic growth.

1. Strengthening supply chain resilience through the use of digital technology


The COVID-19 pandemic, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and geopolitical conflicts impacted supply chains. Under these circumstances, the risk of supply chain disruptions became apparent. Strengthening the resilience of supply chains is an urgent issue, and DISG, together with JETRO, supports the realization of advanced supply chains that can share information in real time and respond quickly by visualizing and automating the entire supply chain through the use of digital technology.

2. Strengthening the network of young business leaders in ASEAN and Japan


DISG supports efforts to strengthen cooperation between young entrepreneurs in Japan and ASEAN in order to contribute to the economic development of the ASEAN region. Events will be held to explore mutual opportunities through networking and business matching between young business leaders from Japan and ASEAN.

3. Solving socioeconomic issues in partnership with large companies and start-ups


DISG supports JETRO/METI's efforts to promote innovation and develop new technologies and business models among Japanese and ASEAN companies and start-ups. Specifically, DISG supports programs in which startups and large companies collaborate to create innovations, as well as information exchange events related to innovation.

In this issue, we would like to share with you information on "3. solving socio-economic issues in collaboration with large companies and startups", the ongoing Japan-Singapore Fast Track Pitch and Fast Track Pitch in Bangkok, Thailand.

Japan-Singapore Fast Track Pitch


The Japan-Singapore Fast Track Pitch will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.
The fast track pitch is a scheme where Japanese companies and Singaporean global companies set up a problem and call for proposals from startups to solve it. This scheme is beneficial for both large Japanese and Singaporean companies and startups.

More details can be found at the following URL

Fast Track Pitch in Bangkok, Thailand


The same scheme will be applied to projects in Thailand as in Singapore.

Fast Track Pitches
- Advantages for Large Corporations and Startup

The advantages for start-ups are as follows
1. Increased opportunities to collaborate with large companies: Startups can find a wider variety of collaboration partners by gaining access to a group of cross-border companies, including not only large Japanese companies, but also large companies in the ASEAN region.

2. a place to test ideas: The Japan-Singapore Fast Track Pitch will set challenges tailored to the needs of Japanese companies and global companies in Singapore, and startups will be able to propose solutions to these challenges. This provides an opportunity for startups to test their ideas and technologies by applying them to real business challenges.

3. Opportunity to receive support from ASEAN governments and related institutions: Startups will receive broader support as not only Japanese related institutions but also ASEAN governments and related institutions will participate in the program.

Large companies can enjoy the following benefits:
1. creating innovation through collaboration with startups: By collaborating with startups, large companies can incorporate new ideas, technologies, and business models. This enables product improvements and the creation of new businesses that cannot be done with existing products and services.

2. increase competitiveness in the ASEAN market: By collaborating with start-ups that are experiencing significant growth in the ASEAN region, large companies can increase their competitiveness in the ASEAN market.


DISG not only identifies issues through discussions among experts, but also works to provide solutions to specific social issues through large Japanese and ASEAN companies and start-ups. The latest information will be constantly posted on the webpage and SNS, so businesspersons active in ASEAN should pay attention to DISG's activities.

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